Certification Workshop in Business Games

In the period between March 20 and 25, 2023, the German Sparkassenstiftung is organizing the Certification Workshop for the trainers of Business Games. The Workshop is a continuation of the ToT, held in the month of July 2022 and offers to the participants the possibility to get certified in one of the Savings Game, Farmers Game or both.

Before attending the Workshop, the trainers had to organize a number of 4 mandatory Games in the institutions they are working, in order to practice and to improve their abilities. As a result, in the period of August 2022 – March 2023, there were held 34 Business Games that were attended by a number of 700 of participants.

The Certification Workshop consists of a written and practical evaluation, as well as of the evaluation of the home tasks and monitoring of the trainings that were held by the trainers. At the end, the participants who will pass the entire evaluation process, will be certified as Master Trainers of the Sparkassenstiftung.

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